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Generic Zyrtec Extra Strength / Zyrtec Reg. Strength/ Zyrtec D
Reactine Reg. Strength Reactine Extra Strength Generic Zyrtec
Cetirizine 10 mg
Featured Product
Generic Clarinex (Aerius)
Clarinex 5 mg Desloratadine antihistamine (Aerius in Canada) For hay fever and allergic conditions
Featured Product
Parafon Forte
Back pain medication -
250mg chlorzoxazone and 300mg acetaminophen
Featured Product
Generic Robaxin
Robaxin - 500 mg / Robaxin - 750mg
Contains methocarbamol
Featured Product
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Synvisc Claritin Allegra Allegra D Zyrtec Zyrtec D Reactine Robaxin Emla Cream Bactroban Cream Bactroban Ointment Robaxacet Robaxisal Nizoral Combantrin Norflex Nicorette Nicoderm Pancrease Claritan Claratin Clariton Clariton  Zyrtek Zertec Allagra Fexofenadine Pseudoephedrine Cetirizine Loratadine Clarinex Desloratadine Coral Calcium are all trade marks and  brand names owned by the product manufactures.Order online without a prescription. Buy zyrtec,claritin,allegra. Side effects
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Bactroban Cream / Ointment. Mupirocin Ointment. Antibacterial Product.
Fights antibacterial skin infection.
C F Medication
Pancrease MT
Creon 10
Fights Pin Worm and Round Worms. Pyrantel Pamoate for
Pinworm and Roundworm Treatment
Nicorette Gum/ Nicoderm CQ
Help to Quit Smoking.
Norflex 12 hour
Norflex Muscle Relaxant / Muscle Relaxer

100mg orphenadrine citrate extended release
Claritin / Claritin D / Claritin D 24 Hour
Claritin regular 24 hour- Loratadine 10 mg / Claritin D 12 Hour
Claritin 24 Hour( Liberator/
Generic Claritin 10mg
HYLAN G-F 20 for knee osteoarthritis
2 ml Syringes, 3 Syringes
Emla Cream
Anesthetic Cream (lidocaine 2.5% and prilocaine 2.5%)
Regular Strength / Extra Strength acetaminophen & methocarbamol
Regular Strength / Extra Strength
methobaramol & acetylsalicylic acid
90 Capsules Coral Calcium 600 mg of Pure Uncut Coral Calcium per Capsule x 90 That's 54,000 mg per bottle!
100% Pure Okinawan Coral Powder. 110 grams